Another Soccer Mom Myth Success Story

The best thing about writing The Soccer Mom Myth, other than the opportunity it gave me to hang out with (and expense) my time with Michele Miller, is hearing from readers who used insight from the book to make a difference in their business.

Here's an example from Jean Whitsell-Sherman and the Gruenewald Historic House.  Jean was trying to figure out a way to raise money to support this beautiful historic home.  (Seriously, if you're ever near Anderson, Indiana you must go visit).  

In the book, we talk about focusing not on what you care about, but on what your customers care about.   If people don't necessarily want a historic home tour, what else could draw them to the house?   The answer – jewelry.   See the press coverage here

Would you like a great business idea and free press coverage? Read the full story written by Michele Miller.   (As usual, she wrote it way better than I could)  

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3 Responses to Another Soccer Mom Myth Success Story

  1. I had heard a lot of Michele Miler.This is the first time i am reading an article of his.Thanks a lot for sharing all the links.It’s absolutely imperative to understand what the customers want..esp. what they care about.Great and interesting post to read.Thanks a lot.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the links. Customers are very important.. We have to prioritize them and know what they need so that we can give it to them,.

  3. April Perry says:

    So impressive, Holly! Congratulations on making a difference in such a unique way. I love how you encourage women to “ideate” and come up with new, creative ideas. I am so glad I got to meet you at Mom 2.0. Thanks for being such a great example.

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