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 Academy Award 
The Oscars have been dubbed the, "Super Bowl for women" by advertisers. This year's Super Bowl advertisers didn't even try to appeal to women.  But were the Oscars different?

The Kaleidoscope Group rated the ads in their 2010 PURSEuasion Report:
Academy Awards Advertising Effectiveness For Women
.  Here's what they had to say:

Over the past few years, women have comprised more than 60 percent of the Academy Awards viewing audience, making the Oscars the second largest annual television event after the Super Bowl to reach women. 
On Sunday, the 82nd Academy Awards, which experienced viewership decline over the past few years, enjoyed a nice rebound with 14 percent more viewers than in 2009.  With 40 percent of American households tuning in, a majority of the viewers were women.   

So which ads did the best job of reaching women?  Here were the results:

The Kaleidoscope Group, along with results from an independent survey of women, identified two ads that resonated most with women:

Apple’s iPad; and
Hyundai’s “New Drivers – Room to the music “I am 16 going on 17.”

Other ads that resonated with The Kaleidoscope Group included Coke’s “Recycle” and the American Express “Members Project” spots.

As for the No. 1 ad that failed at resonating with women:  Cottonelle’s “Roll Poll” ads addressing the public’s preference for rolling toilet paper over or under were confusing to the group’s panel and the public and not considered at all entertaining.

I don't think it's any surprise an ad from Apple was one of the favorites for women.  Apple's brand is very female friendly.  

Apple vs. Google's Android – which wins with women?

In an interesting related New York Times article, Why Are So Many Android Users Male, it was pointed out that:

73% of Android users are male. Meanwhile, on the iPhone, iPod Touch and Palm platforms, the ratio of male to female owners was more even. 

Is this any surprise with Droid's male centered ad campaign?  While Apple's iPhone ads feature real people with a light, fun tone, Droid ads are dark with robots using the phone and mechanical sounding voices.

Future award winners

I hope next year more advertisers will take advantage of reaching women at the Oscars AND the Super Bowl.  A girl can dream.


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  1. Hey thanks for sharing all these details.Nice to her from you again.Wasn’t aware of the fact that Apple products were female friendly.I have seen a Droid ad and didn’t like it too much.Didn’t get a chance to catch the Oscars this time so it was interesting to read about the ads that did and did not make an impact on women.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

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